Whatever your needs – help with publicity, a brand new website or perhaps a boost for an existing one – I can help you craft engaging materials and/or a dynamic website – one with pizzazz – one resulting in magnetic marketing.

Magnetic marketing!

Do you have current materials that could use a ‘shot in the arm’? What the public thinks about your business is reflected in your publicity – so if you think you might need a little help with promoting your product or service, you have come to the right and ‘write’ place! I can help you create affordable publications and effective ad campaigns I’ll provide internet publicity for web and social media I will help you with media management as needed I have 30+ years of experience in writing and producing promotional materials and advertising campaigns, along with managing media including social media. And lucky for you, the website has become a premier marketing tool in the modern age – so other than the costs in setting it up, it’s free (for now at least!). Hence, in addition to other publicity materials, I will strongly recommend that you get your business out there on a website that represents your business in just the right way. This is where the all-important web content writing comes in. I will develop web content with your information in concise, crisp and engaging words – a way to get you to magnetic marketing. Your materials and your web need to ‘talk’ to your prospective customers, draw them to your business…be magnetic. I’m prepared to excite your imagination with website marketing content that’s magnetic! Just imagine the possibilities for you and your customers.

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