Sample Page

Here’s what we need for your free sample homepage – The name of your business as it appears at header of your website. Your target market, i.e., age, sex, or other pertinent demographics. Tagline or other information (short) about the nature of your business. Click here for TEMPLATE And, finally (and most important) I need a ‘story’ that tells me the reason you are in the business you are in. If you just give me a short blurb with key words you want to use, I’ll shape it into a story of 100 words or less for your consideration. Here’s a sample of a story about a nutritionist whose website I re-wrote for her in laymen’s terms, i.e., less scientifically oriented. This important information about Liz was originally buried in her bio, but offered on the homepage it delivers the essence of why she does what she does and helps people not only understand her work, but remember her! See what you think:

Nutrition Education Services Your Resource for Health Improvements Through Body Chemistry Balancing

In her late twenties, Elizabeth Harrison suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. After she was told she’d be in a wheelchair by the time she was in her thirties, she worked with a nutritionist and, using body chemistry balancing, became symptom-free! Liz was so impressed with this process, and so thrilled to once again feel well that she decided to change her career right then and there, and work to help others also become healthy again. Liz became well by changing her diet and her lifestyle, and by taking the right supplements and engaging in exercise. And, in helping maximize your health, she can do the same for you.
Liz’s homepage continues with a short video (2 minutes) introducing her to potential clients and she reports that her business (found through her website) has increased since we put this interesting information about her right up front. Your story may not be as dramatic as hers, but given some key information, we can surely write a lead-in to your website that will work for you. Give it a try!