Here’s a general description of my process… One of my main goals is to make your new or newly revised website as engaging and readable as possible. This means using a lot of one syllable – or simple – words. It also means trying to keep the copy available to the browser on the one screen, i.e., without scrolling down. So, once I have finished your homepage to your satisfaction, I will suggest starting modestly – in the case of new web development – by asking you to prepare information for me to write and format for the following sections: About Us – this talks about the overview of your business…says all the pertinent things about your business that wouldn’t fit handily on the home page. It also talks a little about you and your interest in serving your clients. Services – this is just what it says…short descriptions of all you have to offer your client (which can be expanded to a LINK to keep this sub-homepage short enough to be seen without scrolling down). These can be paragraphs composed of a couple of sentences or, better yet, one-sentence or phrase bullet points. They should be easy to review for the browser…easy to find one they want or need. Bio / References – This is where you talk about you, your background, your education, your qualifications, your experience…everything about you that you think a potential client might want to know to engage your services or buy your product. It should still be short and succinct. You might want to put a photo of you (and or any other key employees) here. Any references you have from prior happy customers or clients would be great to show on this page. Of course, if you have a big number of these kudos, we could create a link from this page to a separate Reference section. Contact Us – Ah, yes…this is a very important page on your website. Any and all ways to contact you should be easily accessible on this page, and it should be coupled with a ‘call to action’ as applicable such as Send us information so we can provide you with a sample of our service. Check us out by requesting more information…we’re sure you will like what you see. So, getting me this information will help move the process along in an orderly fashion. It will allow me to pull together a dynamic website to get you out there! Questions? E-mail us at           Thanks for your interest! Send information for whichever of these headings you wish to use :
Let me know if you want Flash (or key) words selected from your copy. Also, let me know if you want to include a Blog. And meanwhile, don’t get stumped. E-mail me at or you may call me on the ol’ fashioned telephone at 802-254-9465 or 802-384-9256. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest!