DYNAMIC WORDS! was recently started by Barbara Z. Gentry, a student of English and the written word for more than 35 years. Her background includes writing and editing, along with years of experience in marketing and promotion. Barbara has a way with words, having written hundreds of promotional pieces and thousands of website pages, including search marketing and SEO content. WIth a solid background in marketing and advertising, she knows the importance of a website that markets its services and products well. And best yet, she knows how to do it! She helps you with your strategic publicity and public relations along with creating affordable publications and effective ad campaigns as we see the need to promote your business. Combine these skills and what do you get? A magic mix just made for both public relations and web marketing. We’ll infuse your business with promotional materials and a website with a pulsating energy designed to optimize your message, all of which to help capture your market. So, check out DYNAMIC WORDS! Click here to send us a paragraph about your business and let us get back to you with a free sample of content writing for your home page with dynamic, magnetic words to promote your business on the web. Position your company’s assets where your clients and prospects are apt to look…in promotional materials and on the web!